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Notary Public

Our Notary Public services include authenticating and legalizing documents for individuals and corporate entities, usually for use abroad in legal matters involving an international element of a legal or commercial transaction. These include property and financial transactions, inheritances and documents requiring to be authenticated for acceptance usually in a foreign jurisdiction whether by public and state bodies.

These services include amongst others, preparing deeds agreements and wills for either real estate or other property as well as duties to “to draw, attest or certify, usually under the Notary’s official seal:-

    • Deeds and other documents including conveyances of real and personal property;
    • Powers of Attorney relating to real and personal property situate [domestically] or in foreign countries; and
    • Note or certify transactions relating to negotiable instruments;
    • Prepare wills or other testamentary documents and
    • Draw up protests or other formal papers relating to incidents on voyages of ships and their navigation as well as carriage of ships cargo.

Apostille & Legalisation/Authentication
The Apostille stamp is usually obtained after Notarization from the relevant Government body if necessary.

The Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland
Notary Publics in Ireland are governed by the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland being a Company Limited by Guarantee. Further information is available at

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